Laurie Cooper

Laurie Cooper

Laurie Cooper's Training:

While completing a Master of Science degree in Resource Management Science at the University of British Columbia, I was trained in facilitation - both within work groups and for public processes. My special area of interest was conflict resolution within the natural resource sector.

This formal training is augmented by my background in journalism. I have over 25 years experience in radio & television production which requires a great deal of team management, logistical coordination and group facilitation.

Laurie Cooper's Experience:

My specific experience as a facilitator is primarily in academic, scientific and governmental situations. I have been involved in a number of planning projects which involved working with government officials and members of the public. I have also been a member of multi-disciplinary research teams in a university setting. Over the past two years, I have acted as a facilitator working with the IN-Shuck-ch Nation in British Columbia, Canada, to develop a communications strategy designed to bring together a conflict-ridden group of First Nations bands.

My experience within the broadcasting industry has required me to facilitate agreements and projects between diverse groups of people in very challenging, time-critical, high stress situations. For instance, I was responsible for coordinating 13 television crews from 5 different countries during the coverage of the Closing Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. In another situation, I conceived of and implemented the first live satellite broadcast from the top of Whistler Mountain using Norsat's state-of-the-art remote satellite newsgathering equipment.

Laurie Cooper's Experience with Online Groups:

While I have not had a project that was exclusively online, I have experience working with people in a variety of locations and multiple time zones. I have used Skype, Webex and live streaming to work with people from around the world.