Mark Proffitt

Mark Proffitt

Mark Proffitt's Training:

-- BBA Management Information Systems --
16 credit hours of courses on systems analysis, leading groups of technicians and customers to gather requirements and facilitate designs.

-- Friesen Kaye Train the Trainer --
Certified Trainer using the hands on interactive method focusing on guiding participants through learning by doing.

-- NLP Neuolinguistic Programming --
Over 7 years of extensive study, training, and research on the theory and practice of NLP.

NLP uses a pragmatic holistic approach to how people make decisions. Bypassing the surface understanding and directly accessing the inner process, NLP helps people achieve behavioral breakthroughs in hours instead of months or years.

Mark Proffitt's Experience:

-- Predictive Innovation Method --
Co-Author of Predictive Innovation Method, a structured system for revealing all innovations for an idea space. Using a morphological analysis framework of 4 specific variables direct experts and lay people through establishing criteria, identifying all relevant solution approaches, and selecting the best choice.

-- Projects --
- SKF Aerospace Quality Control System Analysis
- QuadraMed insurance claim processing system and business model
- SKF Vendor Managed Inventory System Analysis
- BitTorrent Business Models
- Finger Print Tracking System US Immigration and Naturalization Service
- Dozens of NLP sessions (online and face to face)
- RockMyParty.com (online)
- Viral Video Solutions script writing and software systems analysis
- Ron Paul Presidential Campaign (online and face to face)
- Ramesh Richards 2001 Global Dual Internet Satellite Telecast

Mark Proffitt's Experience with Online Groups:

-- Online Communication --
More than 50,000 hours of experience communicating online to achieve technical solutions spanning 26 years. Participating in Open and Closed Source projects developing over 100 systems. Member of the first public Internet based discussion system, Arbor Net.

Developing techniques for effective collaboration in live and asynchronous meetings using technologies including: 1-to-1 text chat, group text chat, virtual worlds, e-mail lists, forums, wiki, voice conferencing and video conferencing.