Problem Solver

Mark Proffitt

Mark Proffitt
I've created a wide range of solutions. The technique I use often finds unexpected solutions enabling disruptive innovation. My approach integrated the technology and the business strategies to create success.

Areas Mark Proffitt is Knowledgeable in:

Business Strategy
Evangelism / Viral Marketing
Maximizing productivity

Techniques Mark Proffitt Uses:

Predictive Innovation Method

Mark Proffitt's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. open source
  2. business models
  3. NLP neurolinguistic programming
  4. Software design
  5. Data modelling
  6. Guitar
  7. Innovation methods
  8. statistical process control

Mark Proffitt's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Co-author Predictive Innovation Method, that allows you to predict all innovations for any product, service or even entire industry.

    The method allows you to zoom out to predict innovation so you can build strategies for long term growth. It also allows you to zoom in to discover solutions to problems and help you create designs. It is the only system that meets all 51 criteria for a complete innovation system.
  2. Oversaw first global dual TV & Internet video broadcast reaching one billion viewers.

    Designed and developed the system to of an educational satellite TV broadcast with an invitation to seek more information on a web site and customer relationship management (CRM) system to connect seekers with others.

    · Reached over 1 billion viewers worldwide
    · Thwarted multiple state sponsored cyber attacks
    · Provided 50% lower total cost of ownership than all commercially available options
  3. Designed and led development of the Windows version of QuadraMed's flagship product, Claim Star, the industry leading health insurance billing software.
    · Developed system in ½ the time and budget of previous versions
    · Created two new revenue streams
    · Increased the share value 500% over the next two years
    · Reduced support costs by 75%
    · Added data warehouse and data mining capability
    · Brought software up to new federally mandated standards.
  4. Designed and developed an online centralized electronic repository of Aerospace quality control records.

    · Deployed complete system in 3 months
    · Satisfied FAA 10 year records requirement
    · Reduced filing and search time from hours to seconds
    · Maintained consistent records accessible to customer and vendors
  5. Designed finger print tracking system for the US Immigration and Naturalization Service, now implemented world wide.

    · Reduced maintenance costs by 50%
    · Improved reliability between INS field offices and FBI mainframe
    · Established clear migration path to web based system
    · Identified $5 million in excess annual expense
  6. Founded viral marketing company to develop and promote business models that benefited from file sharing focusing on New Media branded entertainment.

    · Created an IP address to GIS mapping tool now found in Google Analytics
    · Created one of the first eight online video series and received millions of views worldwide sparking several imitators
    · Dual broadcast branded TV series on cable and through P2P networks increasing value to advertisers, consumers, and content creators
    · Created business models for BitTorrent including a consumer hardware product
  7. Created a web based Vendor Managed Inventory System using software as a service model to meet needs of international manufacturing company SKF and its' vendors. Rolled the system out as a separate business unit.

    · Increased productivity of purchasing department and cut inventory shortages by 26%
    · Featured in 2001 International Quality & Productivity Center Conference on Vendor Managed Inventory
  8. Deployed first use of web technology at Hewlett Packard

    · First use of Web Technology at Hewlett Packard
    · Created techniques later used by Google News
  9. Consulted volunteers of the Ron Paul Presidential campaign to create a global movement and set fund raising records.

    Applied principles tested with Peer-2-Peer file sharing to real world human actions causing an explosively successful evangelism marketing campaign creating worldwide recognition for the previously little known congressman setting volunteer & fund raising records including raising $6.5 million in a single day, all without traditional media.
    · Set record for single day fund raising twice, $4.2 million and $6.5 million
    · Assembled Open Source solutions quickly & cheaply creating world class infrastructure
    · Successfully implemented proprietary time based GIS technique to track and analyze results never before used in a political campaign
    · Published a book exploring the methods used and the implications on society.