Martin Sklar

Martin Sklar
Invented surgical devices and accessories for Image-Guided Surgery System, including:
1. Developed hardware equipment for first multi-functional, image-guided, surgical navigation system.
2. Developed novel and patented skull mounted tracking sensor.
3. Developed novel and patented sterile cover for display monitor to be placed in sterile field.
4. Integrated hardware and software to track surgical microscope.
5. Redesigned and developed neurosurgical, hand-held, trajectory tracking instrument.
6. Began design of mini-sensor for tracking smaller and invasive devices.
7. Conceptualized and developed the mechanisms for a freezing-point osmometer system to measure chemical constituents in a biofluid.
8. Invented a Remote Controlled Laparoscopic Surgical System
9. Design and Developed a micro-electrode array, which on the back side will adhere to an adhesive contact surface to conduct electricity through it to the array.
10. Conceptualized alternative mechanisms and developed an early snap-in tibial tray knee implant.
11. Conceptualized, and developed spring drive for disposable drug pump.

Martin Sklar's inventions:

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