Problem Solver

Martin Sklar

Martin Sklar
I am driven by accomplishment, dedicated, work well with individuals both as part of a team and team leader. I take great pride in building a team, and in the team's and my past and future accomplishments. My attitude is always 'how do we best accomplish the solution - both the process and final deliverable product', taking into account the ideas of the entire team. I define success often as both accomplishing the agreed upon goals of the signed Project Proposal and, when appropriate, an acceptable ROI to the investors.

Areas Martin Sklar is Knowledgeable in:

Medical Devices for clinical settings from Operating Room to Physician's Office
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Electromechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering - Computer-Aided Design and Analysis
Fabrication processes
Project Planning and Management
Problem Solving

Techniques Martin Sklar Uses:

1. Listen to and understand the Problem Description.
2. Assess the Problem and Constraints.
3. Do not make assumptions until confirmed with source.
4. Ask many questions.
5. Generate Detailed Proposal Document with understanding of Requirements and proposed deliverables for review and signature to insure all key stakeholders have same expectations.
6. Consider related solutions.
7. Brainstorm alternate solutions. Is innovation warranted?
8. Weighted Analysis to potential solutions based often on simplicity, risks, process and deliverable costs, regulatory, etc.
9. Present solutions and recommendations based on Requirements, Assessment and Weighted Analysis.
10. Get agreement on any changes not previously agreed upon, depending on level of autonomy.
11. Get agreement on final deliverables, and closure of project.
12. Ask for customer feedback on satisfaction of deliverables, process, cooperation/flexibility, associated costs, timeliness, etc.

Martin Sklar's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Concept Development for Market Unmet Needs, Design, Market Research, Project Management, Test

Martin Sklar's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Challenge: Medical Company was planning to increase market share for Gel Cassette production for Biotech market. Approach: Martin designed equipment to allow a chromatography system to fill cassettes precisely and automate process. He also designed automated processes to maximize production capacity. Results: He demonstrated the filling fixture worked well, cycling continuously 7 days, 15k cycles. Challenge: A start-up pain management instrument company needed a disposable electrode developed to pass electrical current thru skin. Approach: Martin designed a microelectrode spike array. Results: System and array are being sold and was on CBS Evening News. Challenge: A CEO of an international company planned commercialization of a novel point-of-care device in the U.S. He told us he was interested about U.S. adoption. Approach: Team recommended a “Voice of Customer” project. Results: The client was pleased. Product is presently marketed in Australia, U.S. and preparing for Europe.