Problem Solver

Nick Nalder

I can assist at any stage in your problem-solving pipeline, not only bringing my own experience in the '4 business mindsets' of Innovation, Strategy, Implementation & Operations ... but also reaching out to my network to find the right people to provide key point expertise. Please check out

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Areas Nick Nalder is Knowledgeable in:

Third World Development, Informal Economy, Bottom of the Pyramid
Banking, Transactions & Payments Systems
Information, Licences, Identity Services
Collaboration & Venture Models
Non-traditional Financing Models
Small Business Enablement

Techniques Nick Nalder Uses:

Open to many ... Wattbox focus is on four key steps in the Idea2Value space, based on experience that usually people come straight in with an idea, rather than getting the problem nailed first.

We believe that if you can't describe the problem in a way that identifies who has it, and why they would pay you money to solve it, you might as well not progress further.

What is the problem? Why is it a problem? Can we describe the problem? Have we understood the real problem AND the right problem? Who has the problem? What is the result of the problem for them? How would they describe the problem? What do they do now - after all, they're probably surviving?

What attempts have there been to solve the problem? What has been the problem with attempted solutions?

Do you have this problem? Do you know anyone who has this problem?
What does this problem mean to you/them in reality ... what real insights & stories?

Who does not have the problem - and why not?

What type of problem is this? What does this problem have in common with other problems - that may seem unrelated?

What's funny about this problem?

How could this problem actually be an advantage?


Nick Nalder's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Small Business Survival
  2. Informal Collaboration
  3. Internet
  4. Mobile
  5. Third World
  6. Africa
  7. Banking
  8. Development
  9. Strategy
  10. Innovation

Nick Nalder's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Every day, all the time. Identifying problems and developing solutions is my core mindset in anything I do.

    I have worked in consulting roles, internally within corporations, for small businesses, with friends and acquaintances, as part of online social networks, in my own businesses

    I believe that it is not so much about what you know as how you think. I also believe that people think using different 'mindsets' which are almost like languages, in that it is difficult to get understanding across them. I believe that it is critical to bring these different mindsets together, particularly through shared awareness of the value and applicability of each mindset and common methodologies drawing on the insights of each.

    We have identified 4 business mindsets: Innovation, Strategy, Implementation and Operations. I am fortunate that my career has given me exposure to all 4 to at least some degree, although my core skills are in the fields of Innovation and Strategy.