Innovation Consultant

Parascan Gheorghe

Parascan Gheorghe
George Parascan
Some of the research and inventions that have worked in childhood to present:

1. Alloy to increase efficiency in internal combustion engines (about 90%, similar to Japanese ceramic engine). Alloy can reduce losses en route to heat conveyor ducts € |
2. The appearance and distribution of radiation in the solar system and outside it;
3. Agricultural colors, colors laws invention based on the discovery of natural flowers;
4. Chromatic Alphabet;
5. Boats, Boat submersibila;
6. Axes numerical and mathematical uncertainties;
7. Joint Assembly, for analysis biocromatice. Plans colors for the study of drying of braduluiâ € |
8. Battery water for wetting the soil, wet potato;
9. Absorption of solar radiation by the living cell components;
10. Algebra solar annual rings of trees. Thickness of annual rings and report spring + summer / autumn + winter. Both studies (the second exclusive personal) reveals the close connection between the annual rings and their substructures and single and multiple solar cycles;

1. Diseases of floral color;

1. Calculation of antennas and to calculate the size organitelor similarities and biological cellular substructures;
2. Classification of types of biological motion;
3. Classification of environments to determine biological life;
4. Communications in atomic spectra (awarded paper);
5. Communications alien;
6. Putty for aging appearance of wood, invention implemented in the field of small furniture, icons, artistic sculpture. More than 2,000 art objects made in this technique, over 1,000 are located in over 15 countries;
7. The composition of colorful plastic. Physical theory of the creation of color composition in painting;
8. Unconventional construction of regular polygon œnâ € â €?? sides;
9. Squaring the circle, solving unconventional;
10.Calculul mathematical memory;
11.Cercetarea unique universal method only ten classes in all areas. Bring to a common denominator thousands of hard to correlate the current data;
12.Ciocanul double blow;
13.Cubul computer. Creating a cube that can encompass all digital information world. Thus a novel may be reduced to a simple formula matematicaâ € | (partially solved);
14.Captatoare instead autodirijate wind sails for marine ambarcatii;
15.Contacte electrical circuit without spark break;
16.Calatoria extraspectrala: beyond the maximum or minimum electromagnetic frequencies of atoms. The general idea of â € œEfectul electron light of nuclear accelerators €??;
17.Cutremurele and predict the phenomena related to simple biological cells, such as electricity generated before earthquakes influence on reproduction bacteriilorâ € |
18.Cancerul physical and viral cancer. Cancer viral result of creating the internal pseudocelule eukaryotes.
19.Caracterul basic of living matter;

1. Physical Dimensions electromagnetic;
2. Displacement spectral lines under the influence of acceleration;
3. Spiral movement of the caterpillars of Tortrix Viridana. Daily measurements move to a bright spot of the larvae of Tortrix caterpillars Viridana be noted that as the increase is not moving directly toward the light but on a spiral. It can thus
Explain why the caterpillars attack the entire crown of the tree and not just the luminataâ € |
4. Dependent form of flowers by insects. Flower color has no dependence on insects, as demonstrated in the experiences made for three years;
5. The doubling cube, solving unconventional;
6. Strengthening of noise for the deaf and dumb;
7. Discs for wetting soil in pots;
8. Device for maintaining constant speed wind turbines;

1. Bioelectromagnetic evolution of life;
2. Changing patterns of chloroplast evolution across the solar spectrum; Paper Award;
3. Organitelor evolution in living cells, opposite the evolution lines specxtrale solar Paper Award;
4. Photoelectric effect and the living cell;
5. Photoelectric effect and the electromagnetic atom. A new hypothesis of atomic structure. Atom would be a large number of concentric spheres with the same center and subject to the law known: two different frequencies simultaneously can pass via a space without affecting each other. Concentric spheres are practically nothing but seemingly stable electromagnetic waves, with speeds below 2000 km / second (generic Brownian motion);

1. Photosynthesis of green plants and solar spectral lines of H â € "H alpha hydrogen (red) and Calcium + (blue), Paper Award;
2. Scissors cutting willow disease, patented;
3. Technology for manufacture fondantelor Glazed: drying, powder, annexation, glazing;
4. Medicinal teas, natural formulas, under the laws of natural color!
5. Checking formula of prime numbers, published in â € œStiinta and Tehnicaâ €??, 1985, valid for consecutive series 1-120A € |;
6. Photosynthesis exclusively limits calcium absorption of solar radiation + blue as it will be on Earth than about. 2.3 one hundred million years, due to cooling of the sun and changing its emission spectrum;

1. Food electromagnetic and sunspots. Study sunspot influence on the electromagnetic spectrum absorbed from food, â € |

1. Hypothesis electromagnetic structure of physical space;
2. Hypothesis composition of successive elements of spiral arms of galaxies, according to a universal mathematical formula. Each component of each arm is a condensation of galactic material disposed on arm mathematically. The same law gave the order and distance between the sun and planets. This calculation is made second galactic arms, the solar system € |
3. Hypothesis formation of the solar system;
4. Natural displacement hypothesis space to blue spectrum. In which case the universe does not stretch!
5. Hypothesis of catastrophic sector orbit the sun around the galactic center. This can be explained: the mountains training cycle every 2 one hundred million years, the appearance of plants with green leaves iarnaâ € |
6. Influence of spectral lines of stellar formation and evolution of living matter in the Universe;
7. Hypothesis single planetary body! Studying laws color flowers biological results that the entire planet behaves as a single body!
8. Hypothesis formation of infective virus RNA-DNA remnants of dead cells. The natural radiation, the most destructive is the low radiation œXâ € €?? removed so many will escape the destruction of portions of DNA, portions able to engage in destructive replication similar to that of living cells derived virus. Basically, most infectious viruses are human case of human origin, or from the related chains of DNA-RNA.
9. The hypothesis of the disappearance of dinosaurs by reducing red solar radiation. They have decreased by almost 2.5 times its period of existence of dinosaurs. In these conditions and food crop decreased € | On the other hand decreased the intensity of red radiation is shrinking cell size by decreasing cell number of organs! This number diminuiaza chloroplast, red blood cells, mitocondriilorâ € | 100% personal hypothesis;
10.Independenta color flowers over insects. Contrary to all current assumptions making the experiment without the flowers are colored to attract insects. Nothing more false! All percentage calculations on the pigments demonstrates that chromatic color between flowers and insects there is no connection! Learning absolutely personal;
11.Indigoul is fundamental color with red, yellow and blue. It can check tried to steal the indigo color of any mixture of colors! I managed to get indigo from any interference. Maybe someone else succeed! I wish you success! If it proves as basic color indigo is all about color theories of painting proved in most false!

12.Ipoteza inability perception of this friendly. For this to be really seen in real time, should the speeds of light rays, sound, etc.. be instantaneous. So should the distance between us and the surrounding objects to be either zero, if the speed of light is limited, or the speed of light be instantaneous. In both cases we have unrealistic assumptions. In fact we can conclude with certainty that we perceive only the past, simply because the information i need some time to be seen and acknowledged.
In other words percepen past November, we receive this, the future is actually now becoming one!
Any date will be received as the last! In other words this is subject to movement from outside on us and when our awareness. The speed of this varies depending on speeds informational mechanisms: electromagnetic waves, sound waves, information lingvisticeâ € | Also in that case this is equivalent to the future, we see this friendly in the future. The future is of two forms: the future given the reception of this and future come from this in the making. In other words, any past can be: an exhausted past (memory), or born of a past that is currently or will be charged.
Tricky, no? No wonder that scientists berth major problems of the universe!
It is easy to say that we live in today, when in fact all the information we receive from the environment come from the past.
In other words: train in the past! This we believe there is much exhausted, he reaches us only that information. It's like the world of information we receive would support an eternal dream. Maybe here we can talk seriously about predictions. In fact happened, and later events are perceived to present.

13.Ipoteza imponderabilitatii liquid helium. Liquid helium possesses most unusual physical properties and mechanical liquid. No known explanation of these properties. Analyze this strange behavior of liquid helium we concluded that in this situation, the helium is in a state of weightlessness. A simple analysis found that the liquid helium into a pot hole in the base run with the same power regardless of the fluid in the container, support the idea of state of weightlessness, even at ground level, not only in space € |
14.Instalatie marine energy producing electruca air capture of the waves.
15.Influenta color orange on living matter. Between 1986-1989 I made a device for measuring the intensity of visible radiation reflected by objects or plants of different colors. Taiam samples of identical size in many materials, sending them to the surface of light rays (sunlight, artificial: light bulb filament, neon) measured with a sensitive photoelectric cells generate electric currents. The result was very important: 1) the same result you get with small differences for the rays reflected by the bodies of the same color regardless of the nature of the material 2) I managed to highlight a chart in which each color is defined with certainty that the value strictly localized, was the most intense orange color of the reflected (the highest value measured) was exceeded only by white bodies. Starting from these experimental measurements:
Reveal that as the color independent of the nature of the material,
Plants grow faster under the influence of radiation orange, sprouting seeds soon. We proposed that in laboratory tests to use as seeds from sprouting seeds supurt orange blotting to speed up germination.
Laughed all mine. Over several years the U.S. would defend invention in which orange colored soils to increase crop productivity. It was the first invention that I provided her with years before.
Curiously, my results were similar to the percentages of color in the table of ITEN, taught students of fine arts. Although many artists use the data percentage of colors in their paintings, none of the painters did not want to admit to ITEN hid behind humanistic theories, measurements related to the materiality of the world, the purest science. In their stubbornness is not surprising.

16. Dividing a certain angle in œnâ € â €?? equal parts. Unconventional method.
Some cone angle turn in the circle, drawn arc with a compass and angle cut with scissors. The concentric circle is another circle obtained by the method: take a right. It chooses a point on him. This point is traced an arc that is traced by compass so many arches, how many parts we have the angle you want to share it. Watering angle, cut and get a cone with the circle. Transfer marks on the circle of the two first, then first con desfacen. Thus we divide into how many parts we want any any angle. Although the method is totally unconventional, any primitive, like this one can resolve and implement construction â € |

17.Jocuri logic: In 1989 I was accepted for production at a number of JECO Bucharest 8 games logic, mathematics, approved by the Ministry of Education. These games in exchange of more than one calculation and using a rotating disk might give different answers, correct the many educational questions. Games were specialized in outer space, education, matematicaâ € | Unfortunately, the revolution was stolen all game projects.
Maze 18.Jocuri recyclable and reconstruction.
19.Jocuri the substrate number.
20.Joc double 4.

1. The connection between atoms of Ca + lines in the solar spectrum and lack of Calcium in terrestrial organisms; hypothesis which explains the lack of calcium in the body in the transfer of increased photosynthesis, etc.., In the red on the blue spectral lines due to changes in the solar spectrum before evolving due to cooling.
2. Laws of floral color. Laws percentage of flower pigmentation in natural environmental conditions; 3 years time we conduct an analysis of flower pigmentation in natural conditions, resulting in the discovery of mathematical laws universal percentage floral colors. Since 1989 we have published several articles on the subject. We have made a convincing experiment in the camera to a local television.
3. Mathematical literature. Using hidden properties of numbers and calculations have written many literary sketches in which the reader was directly involved in action. It was supposed to write here and there in the book, numbers or words, then, surprised, had to retrieve them, printed in the dialogues of the characters. Such works have a magical charm! It's like the characters in the books would know that and I think the reader and tell you what!
4. Law and laws only satellite. According to this theory, in the universe there is only one natural universal law. This law was undergoing changes in several laws broken satellite or local scale. These laws are the laws studied science satellite today. The idea is to identify what the law is the law not yet known or mother?

1. Laser Engine (monocramatic). To increase efficiency heat engines have three conditions: a) making ceramic engine (land that was almost all chemical elements), b) imaging spectrum of fuel combustion and engine combustion chamber insulation materials opposing the electromagnetic spectrum, c) Output spectrum of a fuel burn monochrome, which is laser. For such burning is much easier to isolate the combustion chamber with a monochromatic isolation alloy. Pushing the plunger can be made with a maximum gas expansion to download wave laser.
2. Memory metal hardness. The hardness of metals is a cyclic phenomenon during hardening.
3. Rocket engine with monochromatic red spectral deviation. We have a greater number of concentric spheres of different materials and sizes ascending. In the center, in the sphere of lead, was the source of gamma rays that come out through a hole direction. When passing through concentric spheres monochrome particles are transformed into increasing wavelengths, leaving the engine in the infrared. Increasing the length of the wave will create a rocket effect by increasing the radiation emitted.
4. Method of research by highlighting key legislation. We used this method for several years with a fantastic efficient. I took a physical phenomenon and noted all the electromagnetic properties. Then slowly I took as many phenomena and physical effects removed from each time the common elements. The result was very important for my thinking. At one point they were all studying any phenomenon some common elements. Basically we highlighted the fact that the very laws of physics have a common structure, discover great scientific interest!
5. Meteorite Bacau 1. In the winter of 1987 a colleague warned me that centralizing the ICAS Hemeiusi, Bacau, where laboratory work in forest protection, was to break his shovel while load coal oven. Coal find in a piece of metal and a curse among a cast somewhere maldarele sterile. I searched for pieces of metal, the following primary analysis performed was to be a meteorite. It is the only meteorite in the Museum of Natural Sciences in Bacau, the analysis report on research institutions. Unfortunately they have changed their name to Bacau 2, and nobody knows that I was the one who placed first in value and I donated to the museum. That is life!
6. Memory, temporal hysteresis phenomenon.

7. New elementary mathematical calculation method. Disappears memory use during calculations. Assembly is done from left to right, randomized, etcâ € | disappear very many of the disadvantages present calculation. This method can easily learn to calculate and people with poor memory. Method is the next step in computing primary decimal.
8. Movement nonconformist, 1997. Along with a group of nonconformist artists have started movement from Bacau. A daily activity and theatrical exhibitions, street events. He fought for the right exposure to formal art spaces, the right not to be burned dolls to puppets Bacau € | After two months, local authorities, led by â € | took the group rented room at the Museum of History. Then in that hall and museum were exposed for only a local advice!
9. Electromagnetic messages: monochrome, polychrome, oscillating vertical range (which explains why plants communicate with each other even in the dark spheres of lead). Imagine the message is sent as an oscillating point in the entire electromagnetic spectrum. The result is that the message can be received from all points of the environment, all as a fluctuation in its spectrum. All bodies are somewhat isolating only the spectral horizontal by vertical Oscillation spectra of horizontal objects are avoided. As might communicate anywhere in the universe without our direct interest receptor. Applications are numeroaseâ € |.

1. Organitelor order multiplication of living cells.
2. Organitelor order of appearance of living cells.
3. Trace elements and the Fraunhofer spectrum.
4. Order Universal spectral sequence of events, physical bioelectromagnetic.
5. Obsession Universe: Helium! Helium does not combine with any items. He is approx. 30% of material cosmosuluiâ € | in this case can be called Chemical element? We have H single, double, three. Helium does not form hydrogen isotopic blocks without combinatory properties? This form of the isotope may be linked with mother law, law that generated the physical laws, chemical, biological,

1. Multiple human perception and the electromagnetic spectrum. The human body has so many feelings in it as an entire eukaryotic cell. In other words similar senses organitelor cell.
2. Pseudocelulele and cancer. When a virus invades a cell can gather around them a certain number of organs within the cell different appeal. Thus it may be noted that the virus generated inside a cell capable of reproducing a pseudocelula invader. Such pseudocelule can highlight and cancer. The idea is that the virus takes over the role of simple cell DNA.
3. Preinsamintari into strips biodegradable. It may be different devices or mechanisms to preinsaminteze in biodegradable tapes, along with fertilizers, seeds of plants. So I buy the film prepared seeds sown. Using layers in case of nurseries would take 1-2 hours over 2-3 days as in forest nurseries. Plus pots € | â € presented at Invention œSalonul ingenuity €??
4. Graphic poetry beyond the DADA movement. The years 1994-1995 have presented in Vanguard Literary century verse poems alphabets instead of the usual. Thus from Dada idea, we introduced the poetic chaos of using words and color drawings € | poems gave a new opportunity for expression. The novelty was too bold for journalists bacauani poets who have watched disregard the idea. Criticism Bucharest have however praised the poet for the same idea after a two ania € |
5. Piece of aluminum from Cluj, suspected to be alien because the oxidation layer thickness, knowing the fact that aluminum oxidizes very difficult. Studying location in chemical elements in Mendeleev's table structure follows this piece was part of a whole that must not oppose the radiation from the inside out, ie the motor vessel of origin was not supposed to radioactively contaminated ship. (It is only a working assumption)

1. Bioelectromagnetic cellular structure. Structured living cell is able to absorb all of the organic solar electromagnetic spectrum. Each organ is specialized in a certain spectral portion especially. Organitelor dimensions or structures involved in the absorption of radiation have dimensions between 1 and ½ of absorbing wavelengths € |.
2. Electromagnetic structure of the universe. All physical laws have an electromagnetic substrate. In fact all fundamental particles are transformed into radiation, including protons. Radiation, in their turn give particles. Boundary between wave and particles is more than symbolic and that because of our inability to understand phenomena occurring at extremely high speeds and very small size. Basically the universe is filled with electromagnetic field in the form of where or particles. We are so intense and frequent lengths where. Any theory on the formation and evolution of the universe will have to be based all natural phenomena and in particular the electromagnetic. It will interpret permanenet assumptions of a structural and electromagnetic.
3. Biopozitiv electromagnetic spectrum. The totality of intensity and frequency electromagnetic positive life.
4. Bionegativ electromagnetic spectrum. The totality of intensity and frequency electromagnetic negative life.
5. Sources of atomic spectra, for communication. The compositions. Various bulbs emission-absorption, with displacements of spectral lines, the physical effects: Zeeman, Stark, Raman, acceleration, Einstein € | String invention of new communication techniques used in atomic spectra, which we invented in 1984. Intelligent spectral encoding.


1. Strings of prime numbers. Methods for calculating or obtaining. Formulas. ;
2. Studies on changes in plant cell absorption spectra of greenhouses, solariums and closed rooms. Spectrum Solar Cell organitele is reached so as foil, glass, temperature and pressure € |, all these elements and other collateral, being accountable to the changes occurring in plants of these establishments. In fact there is change in frequency and intensity of the electromagnetic spectrum, so changes in physical effects involved: the photoelectric effect, Raman € |;
3. Electromagnetic structure of atoms and atomic tables.;
4. Double spiral structure in the Solar System and Law degree evolution (E = Distance from the sun planet planet x density / mass planets) (author Parascan);
5. Sandals pneumatic, 1986, invention, ingenuity Salon;
6. Write dimensional. Dimensional alphabet.
7. Dimensional mathematical space: monochrome, polychrome, ALGEBRA AND GEOMETRY electromagnetic
8. Leap genetic species;


1. Theory of double gravity! (Personal Idea) General Gravity (note) consists of overlapping observation of gravity on axis frequency and severity of the axes of intensity at each frequency (severity is essentially NATURE electromagnetic). Otherwise might not be. The proof is itself the maximum of intensity and frequency of the solar spectrum during the geological ages, as well as during solar cycles. Gravity is a NO MONO IC PLURIFIZIC.
2. Types of drying of the tree. After approaching the research themes of the phenomenon of drying conifers, the comparison using the external appearance of trees, based on over 18 items of reference, we put in evidence 4 types of drying: 1. Natural drying (from bottom to top, with hair dry branches), 2. Artificial drying (from top to bottom, with the appearance of deformation at the summit, â € œcuiburi of Bărzăuţa €??, Deformation of the crown of perfect conical shape, reducing life), 3. Mix dry (present elements of the first types of drying), 4. Sudden drying (occurs in about 6 months, the trees remain intact with all those branches and redness, because it seems that are acid rain, ingheturileâ € |). Should be noted that artificial drying and mixed occurs when foresters are thinning, removal by cutting of trees, usually arisen from the application indications of forest management plans. Basically over 20% of forests in Romania are dry because studies are not looking for effects on photosynthesis and secondary branches are cut ordered forestry.