Problem Solver

Petru Andrei

It is an excellent idea. 22 years ago I published an article in Science and Technique - and the idea was to find solution outside of company for pay.

Areas Petru Andrei is Knowledgeable in:

Mechanical Engineering
Medical device

Techniques Petru Andrei Uses:

For 28 years when I work in the company with my employ i do not have any conflict because I anticipated conflictual situation.

Petru Andrei's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Excelents ability to work with tools machine.
  2. Excelents knowledge in mechanical and electrical engineering.Great capacity for inventing new mwthods, technolgies, equipments.

Petru Andrei's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Dissolvable encapsulation of Dry Chemistry Reagent.I realised new concept.

    I designed a method and a tools for Cutting Composite Glass Fiber.

    Screwdriver with screwdriver adaptor.

    For Metallurgy
    Cutting steel nozzle. The cutting steel nozzle was made from multiple pieces assembled by welding. I designed and make nozzle by single piece.

    Grip-fill - a new electrical connection tool specific for hard work in metallurgy.

    For dental laboratories - Device for photo-polimerization in UV- needed dental prosthesis
    Bath of light- is designed especially for treating the seborrhea alopecia by the effect of bio-stimulation of light with wavelength of 627 nm.

    Decor solution. It is a new concept, products and technology for realise the stained on the child room windows.