Problem Solver

Rajesh Koul

Rajesh Koul

Areas Rajesh Koul is Knowledgeable in:

knit textiles ---dyeing & finishing

Techniques Rajesh Koul Uses:

Process analysis
1. Documents and creates systematic and manual operations procedures in user-friendly language
2. Applies statistical and other research methods into systems issues as required
3. Engages in discussions with those who may not be willing to participate or contribute ideas; shows respect for differences and diversity; seeks opportunities to share information and offer ideas that will allow others to benefit or succeed; has facilitated a group discussion or decision that enabled the group, with some guidance, to reach a decision or achieve a result
4. Effectively communicates ideas, opinions, questions, or concerns in one-on-one situations; accurately restates them even when he/she disagrees; understands and articulately answers questions when asked; seeks feedback on own verbal and nonverbal style and effectiveness; practices attentive and active listening skills
5. Learns the process used by an enterprise to provide advice; understands the relationship between the enterprise and its customers; possesses good verbal and written /communication skills and presents a professional image with clients.
6. Develops and understands clients’ needs and initiates timely actions to meet them; works to build and maintain client relationships ; senses when client is in a critical period and makes self available beyond normal expectations
7. Investigates a problem or situation with limited guidance; pursues issues, symptoms, or a series of incidents that could potentially lead to a problem; finds and questions individuals closest to a problem; asks open-ended questions to obtain information about what happened and why; understands where to find information sources and how to use them Listens to new ideas with an open mind; understands existing incentive and reward systems for Innovation and creativity; exhibits interest in new ideas and experimentation by voicing identified opportunities for innovation

Rajesh Koul's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. finishing of new knit textiles product
  2. knits textile - dyeing and finishing

Rajesh Koul's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Spirality and skew problem in viscose, dimensional stabilty in knit fabrics,