Patent Holder

Shamil Sabitov

Shamil Sabitov
Soviet inventions No. 1471171, 1416563, 1416564, 1395397, 1800081;

I worked out special rules – how to add simple elements to already existing fast moving goods so that they become meet new unexpected needs of large groups of consumers.

Please look at the examples:

- Simple improvement for ordinary handleset with a latch (door lever set) makes doors qualitatively more convenient (PCT patent application IAP 20100289).

- Lollipop (or other hard candy) helps toddlers to learn letters and numbers (IAP 20100272, IAP 20100273, and IAP 20100276),

- Singing Teddy Bear (or other singing plush toy) satisfies new unmet need of kids and their parents (IAP 20100315),

- Chewing gum may help pupils to learn foreign languages more effectively (№ IAP 20100374),

- Simple improvement makes ordinary wood chairs qualitatively more convenient (IAP 20100414).

- Your socks allow you to express your individuality (IAP 20100421),

- Game-change approach for tooth cleaning (IAP 20100439),