Problem Solver

Thomas Anglero

Thomas Anglero
I enjoy what I do and am passionate about doing it.

Areas Thomas Anglero is Knowledgeable in:

Telecom, IT, developing countries issues, new business models, convergence

Techniques Thomas Anglero Uses:

- My initial step is to utilize the white board to get all my random thoughts and data points in front of me
- I draw conclusions walk away, come back and destroy what I previously concluded
- I utilize a network of contacts, goolge, and experience to solve problems
- I enjoy working in groups as well as alone

Thomas Anglero's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Excellent public speaker and motivator
  2. Experience in working with multinational teams
  3. Founded 2 IT startups
  4. Creation of innovative business models
  5. Head Basketball Coach for 2 semi-pro basketball teams

Thomas Anglero's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I have an international patent in combining mobile services (sms, mms, dir lookup, etc) into PC based services
    - I have started 2 IT start-ups in the US and Europe
    - I created the world's first PC on a USB bracelet for children
    - I created Telenor's first Fixed-to-Mobile convergence strategy
    - I am the 10th person in the world to make a VoIP phone call
    - My blog has been voted the top100 blogs in IT/Telecom
    - I have worked on providing IT services to developing countries and developing communities in the US