Problem Solver

Abhishek Bali

Areas Abhishek Bali is Knowledgeable in:

Design, Innovation, Design for Mobile Technology/ Internet, FMCG, Packaging, Creative Writing, Branding

Techniques Abhishek Bali Uses:

Lateral Thinking, Mind-Mapping, Reverse Assumptions, Brainwriting, Divergence-Convergence-Transformation techniques, Boundary Shifting, System Transformation

Abhishek Bali's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Digital Marketing and novel ways of tapping the internet users
  2. Creative approaches to Research in design and innovation
  3. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Solidworks 3d Modelling
  4. Industrial Design, Graphic Design and Presentation Design
  5. Creative Problem Solving and Lateral Thinking

Abhishek Bali's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Conceptualized an Automatic Bathtub Cleaner that would render clean a bathtub of any dimensions and shape.
  2. Design of a Portable Exercise Device and a system of which it is a part. A plurality of such devices will be connected to the system that stores the profiles of the users of the health centre. It will keep a track of the performance of the users during their exercise regime.
  3. Designed a mobile handset in Bar form factor for the essential market at a target cost $45 for Samsung
  4. Lowered Subscriber Acquisition cost (SAC) of my company's Voice business by 10% through opening a new line of revenue for the business
  5. Designed Disruptive data devices for the market that have the potential of changing the face of the industry. 6 concepts are in the stage of patents exploration