Allan Makwaka

Allan Makwaka
A High Energy Density Battery Capable of Storing Nuclear Grade Electrical Energy.
A Hyper-sonic light weight Jet Engine with no moving parts that is capable of attaining speeds far beyond current jet propulsion technologies.
A super Soldier Human Power Enhancement Suit capable of Granting its User Super Human Abilities.
A Force-Field Barrier Capable of Negating any external force influence.
A re-hydration Tower capable of increasing the amount of ground water on earth and ending desertification.
A Regeneration Incubation chamber capable of healing many human disease and ailments.
A space propulsion thruster system that will allow mankind to reach into the deep parts of the cosmos.
A Compact Atom Smasher that can recreate new forms of subatomic matter and energies.
A continuous roll seedling that greatly reduces planting time for farmers.