Problem Solver

Allan Makwaka

Allan Makwaka

Areas Allan Makwaka is Knowledgeable in:

Fringe Science
Pseudo Science
Advanced Technology
Nano Technology
Particle Physics

Techniques Allan Makwaka Uses:

I utilize the principles of Alchemy to Solve Problems where A problem is understood to its most basic level by viewing it not as a problem but as event of flow of energy and after comprehending the problem it is then broken down into its most fundamental constituent parts,these parts are then understood as individuals like a puzzle pieces then these pieces are reformed and recreated in a useful form to solve the problem.

Allan Makwaka's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Master of the Art of Alchemy
  2. Advanced Prototyping Ability
  3. Expert in Pseudoscience Techniques
  4. Futurist
  5. Talented Genius
  6. Practitioner of Fringe Sceince
  7. Extraorinary Engineering capability

Allan Makwaka's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a non invasive treatment method to cure Cancer by combining cryogenics and ultrasound technology
  2. I developed a "railway-less" train that floats and levitates on air requiring no train tracks to operate.
  3. I developed an Anti-terrorism technology capable of countering and halting all terror activity currently being experienced the world over.
  4. I created an advanced space propulsion system that has the capability to extend space travel into the deepest realms of the cosmos.
  5. I created the Re-hydration Tower Technology that allows mountains to condense much more water vapor than they would by themselves to increase the amount of available fresh water countries can have.
  6. I have designed a re-forestation method that is capable of returning the abundant green cover of the earth and deal with current rising desertification.
  7. I developed a High Energy Density Nuclear-Grade Plasma Battery capable of storing electrical energy densities comparable to radioactive material to meet with current portable power demands.
  8. I have created a Super Soldier Human Power Enhancement Super Suit Capable of Granting its wearer Super Human abilities.
  9. I developed a farming technique that drastically cuts down the sowing and harvesting time of farming greatly increasing crop yield and creating an abundant food source to deal with current world hunger.
  10. I have developed a hypothetical Warp Drive System that will enable a new form of travel specifically point to point teleportation on earth.
  11. I have developed a counter measure to global warming that would return the polar caps to their original state and reduce increasing global temperatures.
  12. I have developed a new Atom Smasher Technology capable of creating subatomic reaction in ranges currently unattainable that reveal a deeper insight into the fundamental working principles of the universe.
  13. I have developed a programmable matter in the nano scale that would drastically change the way our current world works.