Armando Amado

Armando Amado

Armando Amado's Training:

Engineering-Economic Systems. This involves mathematics to understand and model large and complex systems, involving engineering and economic variables. (Stanford University)

Later, I turned to software, as a facilitating tool, and through this I happened to envision several solutions that turned into high-impact patents. One of my patents is currently rated as #1 worldwide in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

For over twenty years, I lead consulting teams in my own firms, solving very diverse problems and client requests, ranging from financial models, to the development of specific software tools, economic survey publications, and plans for corporations and other institutions.

Armando Amado's Experience:

Through the years, my own firms ranged in size from 20 to as many as 80 consultants in different projects.

Based in Guatemala, I traveled extensively and worked for clients in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, and a few companies in South America.

Armando Amado's Experience with Online Groups:

My current experience facilitating online groups is more limited, since I have more frequently worked face-to-face with my direct collaborators. In Windows, Mac and Chromebook computers, and with Android phones, my experience as a member of online groups, sometimes as facilitator, involves the use of E-mail and Google Docs tools, Google Drive, Dropbox, Whatsapp, Skype, and several project-based tools as well.