Problem Solver

Brad Pallister

Brad Pallister

Areas Brad Pallister is Knowledgeable in:

Occupational Health & Safety

Brad Pallister's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Design, development, manufacture and export of bespoke water purifier systems for demanding applications in hot and cold climates, potable, brackish, and seawater to drinking water. The primary function of these systems was to eliminate pathogens using reverse osmosis technologies and often also of suspended solids and some unpalatable or toxic compounds, providing an autonomous supply of drinking water to communities without suitable access to clean water supplies.
  2. Development of site lifting containers and clamps for use with winches to satisfy increased health and safety requirements on site and offshore.
  3. The development of a complete range of plastic protection caps and sleeves to protect visitors and public on construction sites was completed, branded to suit the client’s requirements.
  4. The development and destruction testing services of a complete range of safety gloves were completed for the construction industry.
  5. Design and development of water treatment systems for hospitals, for potable water sterilisation and elimination of scale and using metallic ionisation, calcite seed generation by acceleration, measurement of system performance using Avogadro’s Constant Principles integrated with purpose-designed microprocessor PCB.
  6. Development of construction industry temporary works access-stair tread system for ultrafast onsite assembly.
  7. The development and patent application of concealed magnet applications and intellectual property protection for various tools used in construction.
  8. Design, development and IP protection of super-complex security key system for classified application lock mechanism to enhance safety, and to prevent misuse and theft on construction sites.
  9. Design of new measuring technology using radioisotope modules to provide 20-year life and integrate with application in the construction industry.
  10. The design and development of heavy duty sleeves for 4-48″ diameter natural gas pipeline for protection against adjacent abrasive blasting activities.
  11. Redesign of mainstream portable electric masonry cutting machine moulding design to eliminate overheating of the motor housing.
  12. Design, development and launch of new materials such as high-grade stainless steel and titanium tools for specific marine and aggressive environments.
  13. Design, specification, and procurement of tool safety restraint lanyards for working at height in specific applications.