Problem Solver

Bret Nixon

Areas Bret Nixon is Knowledgeable in:

Mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatics and electronic Solutions. Automation, expanding and improving existing technologies. Manufacturing and testing prototypes. Redesigning, refining and producing solutions.

Techniques Bret Nixon Uses:

Lateral thinking and utilising appropriate sciences and technologies. Remodeling these resources for other applications. Mostly everything in the physical world is a product of newtonian physics and already exists.

Bret Nixon's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Pneumatic logic control
  2. Hydraulics
  3. Electronics
  4. Lateral thinking and logical deduction
  5. Prototyping
  6. Design and engineering
  7. Welding plasma cutting machining
  8. Manufacturer with skills in mechanical assembly

Bret Nixon's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Design, constructed and installation of a retro fitted pneumatic logic control system to an existing aerosol can factory production-line. The unit was designed and programmed to detecting faulty aerosol can caps. It's function was to detect and remove faulty units prior to installation. Avoiding expensive downtime from discharge paint cans in the assembly process. The system could detect and remove a faulty item from the cue prior to insulation avoiding any stops in production.
  2. Design and manufacture of a major structure rolling system. This system has capacity to reposition buildings and other structures with millimetre accuracy. The system goods accommodate moving in any direction, rotating for reorientation.
  3. Design and construction of a remote area, time lapse camera. This unit could provide continuous imaging with infrequent servicing.
  4. Design and construction of a aquaponic system that only needed solar energy to produce protein and vegetables. Using fish for the protein source to support vegetable growth.
  5. Design and construction of a residential building using a unique innovative wall design that could absorb and extract solar energy. This design eliminating the transfer of radiant heat energy to the inner cladding. This resulted in a internal environment temperature that was consistently 3 degrees below ambient temperature.
  6. Design and assembly of a pneumatic control rope climbing robot. I designs sourced all components assembled and tested this unit.
  7. Designed and manufactured a road train water tanker. Capacity 80000 litres. This unit was a fully automated for refilling and delivery of water for dust control on mining haul roads.
  8. I developed and patented hydraulic over mechanical, structure lifting system. This system has the capacity to lift a building to a heights to allow for construction of two levels below the original structure. The Innovation allows free access to the full footprint of the original structure. The lifting Pier Jacks are located outside the original footprint allowing access for machinery to operate without obstruction. Multiple activities can be performed simultaneously.