Brittani Mac Auley

Everyday living solving any problems that come my way I'm a forward thinker I never sit back and let it ride out if a problem comes my way and I know it's my issue to solve I drop everything until it's solved my biggest argument with mankind is how they push their issues on someone else to many are self reliant on the braver person stand up tall and know your worth if someone does you wrong let it go including the person wrongs to me are leaving someone with no where to live that's a absolute bye lose my number if you leave me when I'm down then you lose me we walk together rags to riches side by side don't walk away when you are up and I am down like I said the wheel spins round and if I stayed with someone who betrayed I'd be the one getting paid by karma for not standing up for my self respect by being left out sometimes it's hard to say goodbye but you can't have good when all you are is blue and made to look like a fool. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me