Problem Solver

Chitta.sri yasaswi Kasyap

Chitta.sri yasaswi Kasyap

Areas Chitta.sri yasaswi Kasyap is Knowledgeable in:

Safety products
Charge of nichrome wires

Chitta.sri yasaswi Kasyap's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Problem solver
  2. Mentoring
  3. Leadership
  4. Guider & instructor

Chitta.sri yasaswi Kasyap's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have seen many people suffering in traffic waiting for long time, to reduce this I have invented “Portable Two Wheeler’s” which saves the valuable time of people.
  2. Even though I have invented Safety Systems there are other sources where people are suffering from accidents by not using indicators at right time for this I have created a new device “Smart Indicators in Two Wheeler’s” which saves the person from accidents.
  3. I have seen many articles saying heavy rains are creating a huge impact to people in the form of floods, I raised a question myself saying, why nature can’t be controlled by science? By taking this as a plot point I have invented a new innovation named as “Reducing Rainfall Flow” which helps in reducing the rainfall.
  4. My research was not ended with only one innovation I have observed that daily waste is increasing enormously. To control that I invented a new idea called “Daily Waste to Petrichor (Rain smell)” which helps in converting of waste to rain smell.
  5. I started my research with my competitors and invented a new idea entitled “Safety Systems in Two Wheeler’s” which is completely different to the existing ones. I have created a perfect proof of concept (POC) which.
  6. Gave many unique innovation to my junior inventors who are very passionate to a project and innovations.