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Clinton Giraudo

Clinton Giraudo
07/23/09 - International WO 2007104106 and USA 20090183599 - Mineral extraction system and process
A trench leaching system including a tank containing a charge of ore flooded with a liquid solvent up to the level of a gutter. A pump recirculates the solvent upwardly through the charge of ore via a sparging array for dissolving minerals which are reclaimed through a series of cyclones.

Endless wheeled receptacle transportation system
International WO 2008106740 and US20100290875
A bulk materials transportation system (10) having a plurality of carriages (24) pivotally coupled endwise to form an endless chain of carriages (26), a rail track (22) for guiding the carriages (26) from a mine stockpile (30) to a port stockpile (34), and a plurality of drive mechanisms (35) located along the length of the rail track (22) arranged for propelling the carriages (24). The rail track (22) and the endless chain of carriages (26) are substantially the same length. The drive mechanism (35) is stationary with respect to the rail track (22). The carriages (24) each have a coupling (150) capable of allowing limited relative movement (including slack) with respect to endwise adjacent carriages (24) to allow limited endwise movement between adjacent carriages (24) to facilitate starting of the chain of carriages (26) from a stationary condition.