Problem Solver

Clinton Giraudo

Clinton Giraudo

Areas Clinton Giraudo is Knowledgeable in:

The connection between the atom and the universe. Knowledge in how matter moves through the universe (not reliant upon any so-called big bang).

Clinton Giraudo's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Professional Problem Solver - deep knowledge of a vast array of technologies and their potentials to resolve challenges.
  2. Technical Writing - I have been writing patent specifications and technical manuals for around 30 years.
  3. Research - I have been conducting research into many technologies for decades.

Clinton Giraudo's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. As a patent attorney I assisted many teams of inventors to overcome obstacles they experienced in the commercialisation of their ideas and inventions - through my detailed understanding of diverse technologies including software, mechanical and electrical systems.
  2. For many years and on a daily basis I help teams of people with advanced issues in the use of Microsoft Office products, including advanced formatting in Word, macros, advanced formulas in Excel, Access databases, visual basic programming and PowerPoint and Publisher.
  3. I have been helping two companies move into enterprise resource planning systems from manual systems of management.