Innovation Consultant

Damon Johnston

Damon Johnston
I offer complete product development from the dinner napkin sketch through production of products.
An accomplished Executive Manager, and Product development specialist with expertise in developing complex projects, setting up and overseeing manufacturing operations in the USA and foreign countries, and streamlining delivery of complete products in the following industries. Medical, Housewares, Cosmetic, Lawn and Garden, Power Tools, High Volume consumer products, Government programs, and Industrial products. Proven ability to take a project from a dinner napkin sketch and take it all the way through production. Have been involved in over 3500 projects during my career. Sample programs include: Proctor and Gamble Swiffer program, Heinz Ketchup Squeeze Bottle, Nasa hand tool for space station repairs, Coleman Generator, Maybelline Dial a Lash Mascara, Zeagle second stage scuba regulator, Revere pots and pans, Copco tea kettles, Suncast Corporation Hose mobile, US Surgical suturing device, to name a few. Solid experience creating product development designs, design for manufacturing, regulation and compliance, recyclability, design for disassembly, performance, strategies, and processes that enhance the clients product and improve delivery. Demonstrated success directing development of products during periods of tremendous growth and during tougher times when my clients have needed a way to reduce overhead and product costs. Deep understanding of how technical implementations and business functions are impacted during the product development process. Possess diverse Product Development experience in big industry, medium size organizations and smaller start-up companies, which contributes to problem resolution in various situations. Strong management and leadership skills, with ability to motivate professionals and maximize levels of productivity. Excellent communicator, with emphasis on building strong client relationships.

Damon Johnston's consultancy:

Nasa hand tool
Heinz Ketchup Squeeze Bottle
Maybelline Dial a Lash Mascara
US Surgical suturing device
Coleman Generator
Copco tea kettles
Proctor and Gamble Swiffer program