Problem Solver

Davinder Sharma

Davinder Sharma

Areas Davinder Sharma is Knowledgeable in:

Sustainable Agriculture and Dairy farming; Production of organic milk and milk products of export quality; Characterization of milk components and medicinal value of milk from Indian cattle ( Zebu); Environment friendly Vedic Agriculture and Dairy farming; Any problem related to food quality or milk quality assurance, etc. Research project management and consultancy in the area of Dairy Science and technology.

Techniques Davinder Sharma Uses:

Built up strategy for production of organic milk and milk products in Eastern Regional Station of National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) at Kalyani, Nadia West Bengal

Davinder Sharma's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Worked as Principal Scientist and Head with NDRI/ ICAR respossible for research and research management & consultancy
  2. Microbiological and Chemical analysis for Dairy and Food products; quality assurance and HACCP
  3. Application of membrane (UF,RO, MF, etc.) for manufacture of product like Quarg, Chhana, Shrikhand, etc.
  4. Handling machines and processes for the manufacture of dairy and food products such cheese, frozen products, powders, etc.
  5. Vedic principles and technologies for solving modern day environmental problems
  6. Management and establishment of technical educational institution
  7. Membrane Bioreactor for manufacture of biotechnological food products and ingredients
  8. Organic agriculture and Dairy farming systems' research and management
  9. Application of membrane science and technology for waste management and recycling

Davinder Sharma's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed complete technology for manufacture of Cheddar Cheese Flavour Base/ Concentrate in microencapulated and Spray dried form. A patent is filled for this technology in India
  2. Developed processes for making dairy products like Quarg, Chhana, Shrikhand, etc using membrane technology
  3. Developed process for rennovation of Oxidized Butter oil for manking recombined milk using Vaccum Distilation