Dennis Sweitzer

Dennis Sweitzer
Ph.D., M.S. Mathematics University of Delaware
Studies in probability, pure mathematics, statistics, and operations research
Dissertation: "Current Enhancement around Flaws in Random Networks", with Dr. Howard Taylor. Applied probability techniques to solve a classic problem in the strength of materials
M.A. Mathematics & Computer Science: West Chester University, PA

Day course & workshops include: Comparative Effectiveness Studies using Retrospective Databases, Propensity Scores, Adaptive Trial Design, Model Based Drug Development, Computational Statistics, Nonlinear Statistical Method; Hierarchical Modeling and Analysis of Spatial Data, Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Trials, Bayesian Survival Analysis, Applied Bayesian Methods, Structural Equation Modeling, Cox Model for Multiple Event Data, Repeated Measures Analysis using GEE, Data Mining, Statistical applications for Quality Improvement, Designing and Implementing Economic Evaluation in Health Care, Meta-Analysis.