Problem Solver

Gail Macleod

Gail Macleod

Areas Gail Macleod is Knowledgeable in:

Brand development, marketing, Packaging creation & design for all substrates and materisl to answer a particular consumer need state.

Techniques Gail Macleod Uses:

White space gear up - Ideation - Investigation - Conception - analysis and feasibility with marketing and technical - Execution, engineering drawings with partners.

Gail Macleod's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Implimentation, to protoype and market
  2. Ideation and conception of innovation

Gail Macleod's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have conceptualized new intrinsic ideations and packaging for the alcoholic beverage industry.
    I have conceptualized and engineered an iconic bottle with cost optimisation and brand leverage for Nando's
    I have conceptualized and ideated new market segments for food, beverages, personal care and beauty products, with unique and bespoke packaging.
    I have facilitated many innovation workshops, with proven speed to market and cost feasibility studies for both long and short term innovations.
    I have build many brand Architectures with innovation gap analaysis for new product launches and packaging
    I have innovated on 'smart' - digital packaging
    I have access to innovate on sustainable packaging
    i have innovated on form and shape design for packaging, online and offline