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Gaurav Singh

Gaurav Singh I have studied cutting-edge technology domains like Blockchain, IoT, AI, Cloud Computing, Additive Manufacturing (AM), Geofencing, Robotic process Automarion Quantum Computing and several others. 
During my tenure as a Research Analyst, I have also explored a vast number of companies, organizations and startups accross various Industries such as Food & Beverages, Oil & Gas, Gig Economy, Logistics and Transportation, Construction, Automotive and Packaging among others.
I am passionate about emerging technologies that has the potential to shape the future and disrupt the existing Industrial ecosystem. I think creativity is the key to future and I love to derive insights from data by recognizing pattern and connecting several data points. I am also proficient in preparing reports and deliverables in excel and powerpoint.

Apart from exploring patents, market data and trends, I use various quantitative and qualitative data analysis methodologies to derive insights from data. Some of the analysis that I frequently use are Porters 5 Forces, BCG Growth Matrix,  SWOT Analysis, PESTEL Analysis, Ansoff Matrix etc. And the tools that I employ for research, Analytics and Visulalization are MS Excel, Tableau, Google Patents, Espacenet, Google Scholars etc.

Also, I am aware of various online sites where I can look for a specific type of information. For instance, we can find specifications and properties of various polymers and chemicals from websites such as, Onmexus, Polymersdatabase etc.

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