Problem Solver

Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper

Areas Howard Cooper is Knowledgeable in:

Innovation Certification / Training / Coaching / Consulting, Electronics, Mechanical / Software Systems, DfX Reliability, Safety, Diagnostic and Maintainability, Productivity, Manufacturability, Mass Properties, Thermodynamics, Quality and the other specialty engineering, "ilities" (solutions for the most common system design problem types).

Techniques Howard Cooper Uses:

I organized a complete Innovation System Framework, comprised of innovation methods, processes and tools to empower any organization to maximize their innovation capabilities, without offending project management's deadlines, scope and budget. Both quickly and inovatively solve engineering problems throughout the system engineering development process and to forcast, predict and characterize the next big innovation, before your competitor does.

Howard Cooper's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Systematize and Frame Problems: So you can generate rapid innovative solutions 30-30X faster.
  2. Facilitating development groups to solve constraints and problems in 1-2 hours, rather than waiting months for an epiphany.
  3. Frame and write Open Innovation requests that protect your .I.P. and trade secrets.
  4. Selecting best process, depending on problem type, to best facilitate teams from problem to solution to implemention.
  5. Coaching Closed Innovation: So that, like Tesla, you are able to leverage solitude, protect your I.P. and leverage 3D models.
  6. Installing Diamond PM to maximize product value and innovate, without going over budget nor deadlines
  7. Conduct FMEA, Failure Mode Effects Analysis, in 1/3rd the time, without missing any critical failure modes.
  8. Teaching Disruptive Innovation: So you can identify and manage innovations that might suprise and devistate your company.

Howard Cooper's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed a one-hour innovation game and a Principle Driven Solutions Generator (PDS-G) while coaching development teams at General Dynamics. Used these tools over a 4 year period, to help 22 different engineering groups solve their "unsolvable problem". All 22 improved designs were adopted, put into production and are now saving the US Army $158 million.
  2. Developed and coined the acronym FISH, Functional Interface Stress Hardening, to show over 50 of the Fortune 500 manufacturing and other automation and computer intensive companies to eliminate 70-92% of their unscheduled equipment and prolong equipment life, in 30-60 days, with 4-9 month ROI.
  3. Developed the Criticality Decompression Table to structure and speed completion of FMEA, Failure Mode Effects Analysis, in 1/3rd the time and without missing any critical failure modes. Thus, saving General Dynamics $4,205,817 the next year alone, in FMEA preparation labor costs. (usable with or without expensive FMEA software)