Problem Solver

Hugo Hernandez star Proven Solver

Hugo Hernandez

Areas Hugo Hernandez is Knowledgeable in:

Mathematical modeling
Green Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry
Colloid Chemistry
Materials Chemistry

Techniques Hugo Hernandez Uses:

- Mathematical modeling
- Stochastic modeling
- Creativity techniques: TRIZ

Hugo Hernandez's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed and implemented soft sensors for industrial applications:
    - Estimation of conversion of esterification processes
    - Estimation of molecular weight of polyesterification processes
    - Estimation of particle morphology in emulsion polymerization
    - Estimation of runaway conditions in emulsion polymerization
  2. Developed a novel type of unsaturated polyester resin from renewable resources (Patent issued CO7180041)
  3. Developed a stochastic correlation model between two data sets for the scale-up of an industrial process. (Innocentive award, Challenge # 9933703)
  4. Developed a novel technology for encapsulating food additives with controlled release (Patent issued CO16118109)
  5. Developed a solution for evaluating Markush structures in chemical patents. (IdeaConnection award, "Evaluating Markush Structures - Enabling Technologies and Strategies" Challenge)