Problem Solver

James Burnett

Areas James Burnett is Knowledgeable in:

General, scientific problems.

Small molecule therapeutics and drug development.

Any chemistry related problems.


Biological problems as they relate to chemistry.

Biological problems having to do with entomology.

Techniques James Burnett Uses:

To solve problems I look for the simplest, low cost, non-traditional solutions.

I use a common sense approach founded in having worked construction as a teenager .

I like to use input from others to gain perspective, communicate my ideas to them (no matter how seemingly absurd), and then tailor a solution to a particular individual or organization.

I look closely at what can be realistically done, and design a solution matrix around resources available.

James Burnett's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Medicinal chemistry, structure-based drug design, grant writing, scientific reasearh in general

James Burnett's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I use medicinal chemistry and molecular modeling approaches to identify and develop small molecule inhibitors of target enzymes/proteins.

    I am part of a team that identified a an anti-sickle cell drug that is in Phase 1 clinical trials.

    I have synthesized bioactive agents that modify hemoglobin so that it delivers more oxygen to tissues.

    I have written several research grants to identify and develop counter-bioterrorism agents. The funding agencies: DTRA, NIAID/NIH, and Nato.

    I am part of a team that identified some of the first small molecule inhibitors of bacterial toxins, such as Botulinum Neurotoxins.