Problem Solver

Luciano Salvietti Cignetti

Luciano Salvietti Cignetti

Areas Luciano Salvietti Cignetti is Knowledgeable in:

Finance, Business, Solar Energy, Renewables,

Techniques Luciano Salvietti Cignetti Uses:

Brainstorming, Creative Problem Solving, Daydreaming, mind Mapping, SWOT, TRIZ (in order of most used to least used)

Luciano Salvietti Cignetti's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Languages

Luciano Salvietti Cignetti's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. At my current work, I have developed several ideas for implementing an accounting ERP
  2. I have experience creating consolidating databases for info from different areas
  3. - Won an innovation challenge:

    The winner proposed the use of an automated guided vehicle (AGV), properly designed for the assembly of PV plants. The solution consists in developing an improved version of a visioncontrol robot, already used for PV assembly (taking a cue from solutions currently in use in agricolture), but not yet fully autonomous and customizable for many plants layouts.

    Main Reasons for choice: Innovative and useful idea for EGP business, potential and interesting R&D program for the development of the robot.