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Luciano Salvietti Cignetti

Luciano Salvietti Cignetti
I have participated in two competitions for Enel Green Power : One through Enel´s platform and another one through the INNOCENTIVE PLATFORM.
Winner in both competitions:


Winner of Enel Green Power Innovation Competition 2016 (October 2016)


Luciano Salvietti Cignetti: The winner proposed the use of an automated guided vehicle (AGV), properly designed for the assembly of PV plants. The solution consists in developing an improved version of a visioncontrol robot, already used for PV assembly (taking a cue from solutions currently in use in agricolture), but not yet fully autonomous and customizable for many plants layouts.

Main Reasons for choice: Innovative and useful idea for EGP business, potential and interesting R&D program for the development of the robot.

Winner of Enel Green Power Innovation Competition 2017 (July 2017)
through the INNOCENTIVE platform
Winning idea: Maximizing Sunlight Reflection of the Ground Surface in Solar Plants

Luciano Salvietti Cignetti's awards and commendations:

Enel Green Power Innovation Challenge 2016
Enel Green Power Innovation Challenge 2015