Luigi Gentile star Proven Solver

Luigi Gentile's Training:

I am an experienced lecturer in physical chemistry with experience in science-based formulation. I have several scientific peer-reviewed publications in biochemistry, drug delivery, food materials, polymers, concrete and bituminous materials (50 publications in peer-reviewed journals). I am coordinating international research works for more than 5 years. I also have deep experience in industrial consulting and I am a trained facilitator (more than 20 projects). Consequently, I have considerable experience in multicultural-multinational teamwork skills. Furthermore, I got training on empowering context, Create and maintain relationships, being a team possibility, and create opportunities.

Luigi Gentile's Experience:

I was working on around 20 different kinds of projects for several international companies:
P&G, Syngenta, PepsiCo, StoraEnzo, Tetra Pak. I was running these projects through different networks

Luigi Gentile's Experience with Online Groups:

I was coordinating a group of inventors and students on several projects