Michael Ricciardi

Michael Ricciardi
(concept originator, co-designer/developer) the Dynamic Visual Poetry Landscape System (DVPLS), and integration of speech recognition, virtual environment and 3D CGI, interactive art installation and creative tool (funded by a Paul G. Allen Foundation for the Arts grant; exhibitions: Seattle Poetry Festival, 2002, Bumbershoot, 2003 [version 2.0]

'Advanced Discovery System' (bio tech, drug discovery) - submitted to an Challenge ('What Disruptive Innovations Does Pharma Need to Discover Tomorrow's Drugs?'; top winning solution solution; awarded: December, 2012).

The 'Babelator' - 2-way (two language) speech-text-speech translation system/method (2008).

Note: most of my "inventions" are designs and/or concepts, several of which I have granted licensing for through open innovation platforms, but for which I retain all IP).