Problem Solver

Oleg Kulikov

Oleg Kulikov

Areas Oleg Kulikov is Knowledgeable in:

Friction and lubricants, polymer processing, rheology, lasers, beekeeping.

Techniques Oleg Kulikov Uses:

Hard-working and experimenting to find a right solution for a problem

Oleg Kulikov's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. rheology, tribology, lasers, lubricants

Oleg Kulikov's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I have formulated Processing Additives for Rotational Molding of Polyethylene Powders
  2. - I have formulated Processing Additives for Extrusion of Polymers, especially for Polyethylene
  3. - I have manage to extend fuel economy +20% in vehicles with ICE just by changing standard lubricants by my formulations that are bio-synthetic lubricants.
  4. - I have proposed a simplified method of mushroom growing in tropical countries with the use of coconut residues as a substrate.
  5. - I have developed a MMA welder (a stick welder) and electrode for joining of work pieces from steel alloys with thicknesses in the range of about 0.5-2 mm
  6. - I have designed a tropical beehive for Asian Bees and keep an apiary in Thailand
  7. - i have proposed a method to produce ultra-light foamed ceramics granules for heat isolation of houses
  8. - I have proposed a method of phase synchronization of a laser array