Innovation Consultant

Perrin Beatty

Perrin Beatty
Biotech Beat Consulting (10229202 Canada Inc.)
Perrin H Beatty, PhD
Mission Statement
We make science accessible for all. We will show off your awesome science by helping you to communicate your work in a clear, concise and engaging way. Then everyone can benefit from your discoveries, inventions, theories and ideas!
We are a science consulting company specializing in:
• writing: technical reports, manuals, grants, articles, tables, figures, posters, presentations etc.
• editing: copyediting, substantive editing, proofreading etc.
• educating: research, produce and present seminars, lectures, demonstrations etc.
• consulting on these topics: molecular biology, microbiology, biotechnology, crop plant agriculture, plant nitrogen use efficiency and biological nitrogen fixation.
• consulting on these techniques and methods: acetylene reduction assay, anaerobic protein purification, cloning, enzymatic assays, GD-FID, oligonucleotide design, PCR, qPCR, sonication, transient leaf infiltration, vector design, Western analysis, etc.