Problem Solver

Perrin Beatty

Perrin Beatty

Areas Perrin Beatty is Knowledgeable in:

Nitrogen fixation
Nitrogen use efficiency in crop plants
biotechnology in agriculture
plasmid construction
microarray analysis

Techniques Perrin Beatty Uses:

Research the problem, find out what has been done before and determine what has not been tried yet.
Current molecular biology and biochemistry techniques.
iClicker and flipped classroom strategies.

Perrin Beatty's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Plasmid design
  2. Nitrogen use efficiency of rice
  3. Reviewing, editing and critical analysis of scientific manuscripts
  4. biotechnology of cereal crop improvement
  5. Writing scientific papers and essays
  6. Microarray analysis

Perrin Beatty's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed active learning modules to help Microbiology and Genetics students learn and use course concepts to solve problems.
  2. I designed biological nitrogen fixation gene constructs from two different diazotrophic bacteria and transiently transformed tobacco plants to show that nif and vnf dinitrogenase reductase gene products, targeted to plant mitochondria, could be used to complement the two other nitrogenase enzymes in an in vitro assay and show functionality using the acetylene reduction assay.
  3. I designed novel promoter-gene constructs that were used to stably transform rice plants and analysed them for improved nitrogen use efficiency.