Problem Solver

Pramod G Bagali

Pramod G Bagali

Techniques Pramod G Bagali Uses:

SWOT, CPM, PERT,What-if, Story board, Prototyping, 5W1I.

Pramod G Bagali's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Curriculum design & delivery for Pathology , Forensic and Genetics
  2. Review, Verification & Validation of medical devices
  3. Design, development of Medical imaging software
  4. Design & POC for diagnostic microarray chip
  5. General medical practice & Emergency medicine

Pramod G Bagali's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. As Head of Quality, developed, implemented QMS, resulting in successful accreditation of organisation for CMMI, ISO etc
  2. As a Project Director, successfully developed and deployed, imaging solution for forensic needs.
  3. As a Senior Scientist, successfully proposed, secured funding and developed a diagnostic, microarray chip.
  4. As postgraduate Tutor in a University of Health Sciences, developed lesson plan for undergraduate medical students.
  5. As Army Regimental Medical Officer, developed Disaster Victim Identification for victims in anti-terrorist operations.