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Rajiv Sharma
Providing solutions to problems in Science & Engineering world with innovative, creative and novel design mindset
Hello my name is Rajiv Sharma and I am the founder of RESEARCH & ME_mechscinovate which is my creativity, innovations, research and designs based blog.

Latest Innovations, Ideas, Designs and Research I already have been ideated, concepted, presented and developed.

Goodyear spherical tyre concept
iNyx – World’s most advanced bed
Verizon new car ‘Hum Rider’
Pre-video call alert
Plane-tracking app explores space in 3-D by NATS
IDEO envisions ride-sharing car concept for ‘the future of moving together’
C-Train Top 29 in MIT
& more to list here soon.

Other interesting Innovations, Ideas, Designs and Research by me.

• Riding Everywhere on Bicycle with Automated Pullers
• Walking & Running Transportation, more details
• Flute shape system, here is an update in Next 27 plus Inventions-Ideas-designs

1____Cross-sectional Area Converting Machine
2____How to Make Travelers or Consumers Aware of Vacant Seats Around The World
3____Increase In Payload Without Increasing The Size Of Ship/Boat/Marine Vehicles
4____Lift And Gravitational Force Conversion Into Thrust To Increase Overall Efficiency Of Air Transportation Systems
5____Mechanism To Eliminate Or Minimize The Effect Of Aerodynamic Forces On Buildings Or Other Objects Subject To Airflow // ‘Reverse The Effect Of Airflow On Objects’
6____Nonstop Fastest Ambulance In The World
7____Overhead Solar-Powered Fully Automated Driver-less Public Transportation Vehicles
8____Portable Wireless Dimensional Coordinates Measuring Instrument
9____Riding Everywhere on Bicycle With Automated Pullers
10___Rotor/turbine etc. With Small Discharge Of Fluid, & Its Related Applications
11___Walking And Running Transportation System
12___Sideways Hanging Transportation System
13___In Addition To Savings In Energy, Virtual Reality Technology Has Been Entered In ‘Enclosed Air Conditioning Bed’ Design
14___Overhead Electric-Powered Motorbike With Cabin Public Transportation
15___Enclosed Bed Air-Conditioning System
16___Transportation System Used Lift & Gravitational Force Into Forward Thrust
‘To Increase In Efficiency Of An Air Transportation System’
‘Future Air Transportation’
17___Flute Shape System & Its Related Vast Applications
18___Square Turning Mechanism And Its Related Applications
19___Pulling Marine Vehicles Transportation System
20___Possibility To Reduce Touching Surface Area Of Marine Vehicles With The Fluid Surface/Water Surface
21___Cloth Drying Machine
22___Flexible Board For Laptop, Study etc
23___Earthquake Proof Buildings And Systems
24___Welding Electrode-Electrode Holder Design, Its Uses & Applications
25___Combined Car Aircraft Hovercraft Transportation System
26___Human Powered Movable Pumping Machine
27___Overpass Transportation System
28___Flexibility In Use Of Table And Chairs Design
29___Hanging Bridge Design
30___Future Step Road
31___Hydraulic System Based Colonies, Homes (Pascal Law)
32___Portable & Flexible Rope Held Shed And Bridge
34___Horizontal Wheel Positioned Railway System
35___Multi-Stage Compressed Air Chambers Continuous In Series Transportation System
36___Inclined, Straight And What May Be Position @Pin Support
37___Suction Benefit Of Fan On The Roof
38___Courageous Motorbike Design With Sphere-Wheel Option
39___Multi-Purpose Buildings
40___New Type Of Play Source (Swing)
41___Inertia Forces Deactivation At Sudden Stop And Its Related Applications
42___Bubble Travel And Its Related Phenomena, Its Applications
43___Impact Protection Of Falling Smartphone And Its Related Applications
44___Transmission Of Electric Spark
45___Reverse Flow Of Air Inside The Bus
46___Increase In Efficiency Of Thermal System By Increase In Flow Energy
47___Energize The Air Flow On Other Side Of Wall Without Using Actuators
48___Call Ringing Alert Before Actual Ringing
49___Small Fluctuations Of Air Lead To Its Summation
50___Refraction, Reflection Optics Related In Between Plane View Phenomena
51___Measuring The Part Of Radiation Energy On Human/ Object By Surrounding
52___Side Boundaries To Water On Earth
53___Mysterious Path Traveled Against Gravity And Its Applications
54___Water Drop Peripheral Equal Distance Traveled Across Radial Direction
55___Formation Of Air Circulation @Tornado Type In Bottle And Its Related Applications
56___Using Concept Of Analogy In Analysis And To Find Relation In Electrical And Thermal Systems & Develop Its Applications

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