Problem Solver

Rajiv Sharma

Rajiv Sharma

Areas Rajiv Sharma is Knowledgeable in:

Mechanical Engineering, Design, Research & Development, Innovation, Product and Project Development, Creative Engineering, Creative Thinking, Lecturer, Maintenance Engineering, Training & Learning Development, Skill Enhancement & Development, Coaching, Invention, Concept Generation, Concept Development, Transportation, Smart City...
Also please refer the 'Problem Solver Skills'

Techniques Rajiv Sharma Uses:

Imagination, Concept Generation, Concept Development, Sketching, Drawing, Nature Inspiration, Creative Thinking, Passion, Hard Work, Enjoying what i am doing.

Rajiv Sharma's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Project Study
  2. Case Study
  3. Project Handling & Development
  4. Information Management
  5. Innovation
  6. Technology Development
  7. Lecturer
  8. Maintenance Audit
  9. Maintenance Management
  10. Experimentation
  11. Machine Maintenance, Optimization
  12. Research, Design & Development
  13. Digitalization
  14. Teaching
  15. Training & Development
  16. New Course Preparation
  17. Design and Development
  18. Work Allocation
  19. Industrial & Academic Research Collaboration
  20. Creative Learning
  21. Organization Development: developing people and helping organizations growth
  22. Technology Watch
  23. Employee Engagement
  24. Project, Product Development And Guidance
  25. Plant Optimization
  26. Concept Generation & Development
  27. Interaction Design
  28. Motivation & Focus to industrial manpower
  29. Collaborative Teaching
  30. Energy Management
  31. Knowledge Management & Optimization
  32. Creative Thinking
  33. Innovation Culture Development
  34. Industrial Design
  35. Business Development
  36. Skill Enhancement, Skill Development
  37. Logo Design
  38. Talent Management, Team Building, Team Leadership
  39. Coaching: High-Potential or Developmental, Career, Academic, Mechanical Engineering & Science, Personal, Performance, Life, Tea

Rajiv Sharma's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Cross-sectional Area Converting Machine
  2. How to Make Travelers or Consumers Aware of Vacant Seats Around The World
  3. Increase In Payload Without Increasing The Size Of Ship/Boat/Marine Vehicles
  4. Lift And Gravitational Force Conversion Into Thrust To Increase Overall Efficiency Of Air Transportation Systems
  5. Mechanism To Eliminate Or Minimize The Effect Of Aerodynamic Forces On Buildings Or Other Objects Subject To Airflow // ‘Reverse The Effect Of Airflow On Objects’
  6. Nonstop Fastest Ambulance In The World
  7. Overhead Solar-Powered Fully Automated Driver-less Public Transportation Vehicles
  8. Portable Wireless Dimensional Coordinates Measuring Instrument
  9. Riding Everywhere on Bicycle With Automated Pullers
  10. Rotor/turbine etc. With Small Discharge Of Fluid, & Its Related Applications
  11. Walking And Running Transportation System
  12. Sideways Hanging Transportation System
  13. In Addition To Savings In Energy, Virtual Reality Technology Has Been Entered In ‘Enclosed Air Conditioning Bed’ Design
  14. Overhead Electric-Powered Motorbike With Cabin Public Transportation
  15. Enclosed Bed Air-Conditioning System
  16. Transportation System Used Lift & Gravitational Force Into Forward Thrust
    ‘To Increase In Efficiency Of An Air Transportation System’
    ‘Future Air Transportation’
  17. Flute Shape System & Its Related Vast Applications
  18. Square Turning Mechanism And Its Related Applications
  19. Pulling Marine Vehicles Transportation System
  20. Possibility To Reduce Touching Surface Area Of Marine Vehicles With The Fluid Surface/Water Surface
  21. Cloth Drying Machine
  22. Flexible Board For Laptop, Study etc
  23. Earthquake Proof Buildings And Systems
  24. Combined Car Aircraft Hovercraft Transportation System
  25. Human Powered Movable Pumping Machine
  26. Overpass Transportation System
  27. Flexibility In Use Of Table And Chairs Design
  28. Hanging Bridge Design
  29. Future Step Road
  30. Hydraulic System Based Colonies, Homes (Pascal Law)
  31. Portable & Flexible Rope Held Shed And Bridge
  32. Horizontal Wheel Positioned Railway System
  33. Multi-Stage Compressed Air Chambers Continuous In Series Transportation System
  34. Suction Benefit Of Fan On The Roof
  35. Courageous Motorbike Design With Sphere-Wheel Option
  36. Multi-Purpose Buildings
  37. New Type Of Play Source (Playground Instrument)
  38. Inertia Forces Deactivation At Sudden Stop And Its Related Applications
  39. Bubble Travel And Its Related Phenomena, Its Applications
  40. Energize The Air Flow On Other Side Of Wall Without Using Actuators
  41. Call Ringing Alert Before Actual Ringing