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Sergey A. Orshanskiy

Sergey A. Orshanskiy
Methods and systems for displaying text on a path
Patent number: 8584012
Abstract: A computer system can include a processor with access to a computer-readable medium embodying program components and/or instructions to provide a text placement engine. The text placement engine can use one or more software routines or algorithms to position text on a path. For example the text placement engine may access text data to be placed on the path and path definition data defining the path as a line segment extending between a first and a second end of the path. The text data can specify the text as a plurality of glyphs. For example, each letter, space, punctuation symbol, or other unit of a string may correspond to a glyph.
Type: Grant
Filed: April 6, 2009
Date of Patent: November 12, 2013
Assignee: Adobe Systems Incorporated
Inventors: Sergey Orshanskiy, Andrei Burago