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Steven Kingsley

Steven Kingsley
Rapid nonfermentative pickling process, US Patent 4,844,929. The invention relates to a rapid, fermentation-free pickling method through the use of pickling powders containing all necessary ingredients and flavors that make a one step, rapid and very simple pickling process,

Process and composition for improving the organoleptic properties of seafood, US Patent 4,944,957. This patent discloses a composition which, when added to seafood prior to cooking, improves the organoleptic properties of seafood treated with said composition.

Process for preparing flavored aged coffee, US Patent 5,478,592. Coffee and coffee products are flavored with malt and cinnamon flavoring in a three step process, referred to as 'flavor aging', which contrary to current and previous practice and knowledge of the art, uses air, air permeable packaging containers or a combination of both to develop said products' flavor, aroma and body to their fullest and to maximize their shelf-life in such air permeable, environmentally benign packaging.

Natural sweetener blend with sugar’s functionality, US Provisional Patent Application 62/116,950, issue date 2/27/ 2015. The purpose of the invention is to provide: a natural sweetener blend with the same or very similar sweetening power and flavor profile as sugar (sucrose); a natural sweetener blend with the same or very similar physical and functional characteristics as sugar (sucrose); a natural sweetener blend with reduced calorie content that is at least 20% lower; and a natural sweetener blend with reduced Glycemic Index that is at least 40% lower than sugar (sucrose).