Problem Solver

Thomas Shaw

Areas Thomas Shaw is Knowledgeable in:

Sugar confectionery ambient & cooked
Bakery decorations-icings, frostings, glazes

Techniques Thomas Shaw Uses:

Application of known & researched science & technology in the most cost effective manner whilst being focused on client specified parameters & market requirements & market trends.

Thomas Shaw's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Packaging
  2. General management inc start ups
  3. Innovation/R&D/Idea Generation in products based on sugar
  4. Process development

Thomas Shaw's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 1) I designed the formulation & process ambient stable for long shelf life ganache product-an industry first
    2) I designed & project managed a factory for confectionery based inclusions.
    3) Reduced the sugar & sweetness of a high sugar cake decor product by 30%, permitting a legal claim.
    4) Developed a stable functional food paint
    5) Project Leader & mentor of a team which successfully increased the shelf life of a cake icing by investigating improvements in ingredients, processing & packaging technologies.
    6) Resolved a customer issue where cutting of caramel was causing major disruption within their process. A change of formulation and an amended process gave us a suitable product, simpler to manufacture and functional in the end product. This opened up a further element of the bakery market to us and significantly reduced waste and downtime for our customer.
    7) Designed several systems for creating valuable materials from clean food waste.