Patent Holder

Peter Panopoulos, President & CEO

Peter Panopoulos, President & CEO
Here are a few of the patents out of the 50+ that we have developed:

U.S. Patent: 10,336,202 B2, "Drone Assistance Apparatus with Charging System and Method";

U.S. Patent: 9,629,220 B2, "Sensor-Based Controllable LED Lighting System With Repositionable Components and Method";

U.S. Patent: 7,641,372 B2, "Machine Providing For An Advanced Headlamp System With Peripheral Beam Technology";

U.S. Patent: 7,549,228, "Fruit Peeling Packaging Innovation with an optional cutting edge, optional spoon, optional fork, or optional hybrid spoon-fork";

U.S. Patent: 7,243,379, "Machine and or a process that will provide self cleaning advanced hot tubs, baths, and pools, with dispensing functions and automatic scrubbing systems"

U.S. Patent: 5,067,837, "Variable Point Writing Instrument".