Problem Solver

Peter Panopoulos, President & CEO

Peter Panopoulos, President & CEO

Areas Peter Panopoulos, President & CEO is Knowledgeable in:

Open to all innovative product development and commercialization, management consulting interests or in providing website development, email campaign services and other services that we can offer. Please see the following websites for more information:, Parent Think Tank, Turnkey Consulting Services, E-Commerce Site, Think Tank Blog, Lighting Systems Subsidiary

Techniques Peter Panopoulos, President & CEO Uses:

Lead and Manage Brainstorming Sessions with Engineers, Scientists, Executives, and Legal Personnel.

Peter Panopoulos, President & CEO's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Cost-Benefit Analysis, Price Setting, Profit Calculations, Developmental Budgets
  2. CRM Development, Implementation, Management
  3. Diversification Consulting
  4. Startup Consulting
  5. Joint Ventures, Partnering Negotiations, Teaming Agreements
  6. Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Distribution Development & Management
  7. Government Contracts, Unsolicited Proposals, Proposal Writing
  8. Patent, Trademark, & Copyright Development
  9. Patent Licensing, Technology Transfer, Patent Monetization, Patent Brokering, Patent Litigation
  10. Board Member, Advisory Consulting
  11. Contract Development & Negotiation
  12. Alliance & Business Development
  13. Operations Management, Strategic Advisory Consulting
  14. Product Development, Commercialization, & Project Management
  15. Innovation Consulting, Disruptive Proprietary Technology & Product Development
  16. Management Consulting
  17. Website Development
  18. Email Campaign Management
  19. Virtual Advisory Consulting to Board Members
  20. Business Plan Development, Marketing Plan Development, Financial Plan Development
  21. Research & Development Funding from the U.S. Government, Government Contracts
  22. Pitch Deck Development, Negotiations with Investors

Peter Panopoulos, President & CEO's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed and have written over 50 patents in areas of high tech, middle tech, and low tech. Utility Patents have included LED Lighting & Sensing Systems, Grow Lighting Technology, Adaptive Headlamps for Automotive Applications, Wireless Drone Charging Technology, Spray Delivery Systems, Sensor-Based Patents, Sanitation Technology, Hot Tub Technology, IoT Technology, Variable Point Writing Technology, and many other patents in different areas.
  2. Involved in Government Contracting Teaming Agreements with several companies/team members where we are pursuing the development and commercialization of high tech semiconductor LED Lighting & Sensing Technology through joint proposals where we are targeting large multi-million dollar government contracts through unsolicited proposals.
  3. Actively involved in innovative product development and commercialization initiatives where we help add further new-twist functionality to client projects. We can assist to redesign products and develop better intellectual property with additional added features for greater market appeal and cost-benefit. This can lead to helping clients develop better patents than what they started with to target a greater market share than what they originally intended where we add our visionary creative talents of our Think Tank to create better more profitable products.
  4. We also develop strategic and inspired websites, engage in email campaigns, and provide management consulting services. These services can be found on the following website:, Turnkey Consulting Services

    Other websites we have are:, Parent Think Tank, E-Commerce Site, Think Tank Blog, Lighting Systems Subsidiary