Vijaya Vittala C.B.

Vijaya Vittala C.B.
Higher secondary education from Raghavendra High school, Bangalore. ( 1976)
Pre university education form MES college, Bangalore (1978)
Graduated from NIE, Mysore in Mechanical Engineering specialization (1983).
Obtained master degree from Walchand college of engineering, sangli with specialization in heat power. (1989)
Acquired Doctoral degree from University of Roorkee for the research carried out by me “Nucleate Pool Boiling of Saturated Liquids On Horizontal Tube Surfaces Coated With Teflon.” (2000).”
I Am not Time teller but I am Clock builder
Knowledge of technology by profession and knowledge of incubation of technologies by passion, experience of building institutions, experience of sustaining pains of failure to sustain the enterprise, ability and stamina of facing the reality, most importantly understanding the mindset of innovator and entrepreneur and capacity to learn from the failure
Inculcated the art of serving the needy at the right time with speed and determination
Track record of venturing in new area of research,
Incubating nearly 30 innovations of varied kind and sustaining them
I will set up a standard of working required for the position I hold and deliver the goods.