Problem Solver

Waseem Abbasi

Waseem Abbasi

Areas Waseem Abbasi is Knowledgeable in:

• Asexual and sexual Propagation of Horticultural Plants,
• Gardening and New Innovations.
• Insect Pest and disease management of citrus.
• Establishment of orchards and Gardens.
• Import and export of different fruits.
• Lawn and garden management.
• Free citrus nursery rising technique.
• Land scape and floriculture management
• Development of modern post harvest LAB.
• Physiology and biochemistry aspect of fruit.
• Genetic biodiversity of fruit.
• Irrational effects in different fruit crops
• Modern packing material development.
• Studies on post harvest management of fruits and vegetables.
• Survey of agro industries, to evaluate the technological status and associated problems.
• Development of technology for packaging and storage for reduction in post harvest losses of fruits and vegetables.
• Development of technology for value added products from fruits, vegetables and food grains.
• Physiology of fruit ripening
• Ethylene management during ripening and storage of horticultural crops
• Regulation of fruit colour and aroma
• Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage of fruits
• Modified atmosphere packaging of fruits
• Production Technology of fruit crop
• Chemical control of suckers in olives
• Mechanism of Fruit let Abscission and Fruit Ripening of Mango- with a Particular Reference to Polyamines.
• Regulation of Fruit colour development in apple.
• Genetic transformation of fruit and other horticultural crops
• Postharvest Physiology of horticultural produce
• Physiological and biochemical changes during ripening and extended storage of banana.

Techniques Waseem Abbasi Uses:

biology, chemical treatemt , nutrient way, and alots of oher development.

Waseem Abbasi's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i have 15 year experience in post harvest disease mangement by developement of biology control and before harvest and after harvest of fruit. i have developed wax coating and natural extraction and oil developed to control disease and mangement of disease emeragence problem of mould, rot in citrus crop and minized the post harvest loses.