JC Shukla

JC Shukla

JC Shukla's Training:

I am an engineer and MBA from Indian Institute of management - Ahmedabad ( considered Harward of Asia ). My vast experience globally has trained me as facilitator , coach, consultant and CEO. Please visit my company website www.nahak.com)

JC Shukla's Experience:

I have handled various assignments in different
capacities. I have 40 years experience in operating as
CEO, Managing director, Advisor, consultant , facilitator etc
I am also on the board of USA company as director (www.hawthorneworld.com)

JC Shukla's Experience with Online Groups:

1) I am consultant / facilitator to Government of Germany for attracting investment near Berlin.
2) I am consultant / facilitator to Government of Kenya to address shortage of housing by
arranging funds and technology from USA.
3) UNO appointed me as Observer/ facilitator in WSIS (World Summit on Information Society)
4) ITC / WTO / UNCTAD invited me to conduct a hands on seminar about how to use ICT
(Information & Communications Technology) for global marketing. It was conducted
in Geneva in 2003 and was attended by representatives of 50 countries
6) I am offering courses in local universities on ICT as facilitator and soon will be online with Udemy , Openlearning etc.