Problem Solver

JC Shukla

JC Shukla

Areas JC Shukla is Knowledgeable in:

Systems, Business models , ICT

Techniques JC Shukla Uses:

ICT - information communication technology i.e telephones, internet , radio, computer etc.

JC Shukla's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Self employment. Hunger.poverty alleviation
  2. Business modems that of ICT (information communication technology ) applied to reduce Hunger , unemployment , poverty etc.

JC Shukla's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed a system to address blood shortage in India, I am working to create affordable healthcare
    model with stem cell treatment.
  2. I developed a mobile phone based system to save lives of highway accident victims , it has saved now million lives and limbs.
  3. I have developed an ICT based model to create a million jobs for handicapped in vicinity of their homes. This can be applied to reduce
    Poverty, Hunger , unemployment etc anywhere in the world