voice identification of caller

pre-recorded audio identification of a caller which is transmitted as ringtone when a wireless headphone connected to a cellphone. This enables the called party to identify the caller without needing to see the screen of the cellphone.

Full Description:
1. a software on a cellphone.
2. the software in (1) able to sense when wireless headphone accessory (e.g bluetooth handsfree) is connected to a cellphone.
3. owner of the cellphone includes unique voice tags for all contact phone numbers in the cellphone address book.
4. the software in (1) establishes that wireless headphone accessory is in use.
5. software in (1) searches contacts address book of the database of cellphone to determine whether the calling phone number is in the contacts address book and whether it has a pre-recorded voice tag.
6. the software in (1) transmits "'the pre-recorded voice tag corresponding to the caller phone number' is calling you" repeatedly to the headphone rather than normal ringtone when it establishes current use of the wireless connection.
5. software in (1) transmits "unknown party is calling you" repeatedly to the headphone where database contain no pre-recorded voice tag to the calling phone number or phone number does not exist in database of contacts adddress book of the cellphone.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
the invention addresses the problem of having to check the screen of a cell phone to identify the caller whilst employing a wireless headphone.

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Invention #10403
Date posted: 2007-11-17

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