Telecommunications Inventions

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Pick Me UP SAVING calling Cards on OVER CHATING # TIME

My Calling Card will have a 2 Digit number one for SPOT , Two for Time and the Maps on the Back off the Card. With Deals # Discounts.

Personalized annunciation signaling phone unit

A personalized ring phone which allows various people to customize the phone to ring in various ways according to which person is being called such that each person will recognize the customized phone ring and be able to immediately determine who the caller wishes to speak to


At present, people browse through web pages or pick up old forwards and send them to their GFs, BFs or best friends. Instead if they had a choice to make for the occasion, it would save them a lot of time

Device and a way of personification of observance of rules of traffic

Product consists from separate, cooperating among themselves, devices. Radio reception transferring complete sets (placed in the car and supervising instance) have the compact form and dimensions of an automobile computer. Radio of a label are executed in conformity with standards of chips of radio of frequency identification using a principle. The basic value in opinion of the consumer, in comparison with other devices and devices supervising traffic safety, is the preventive orientation of the device, an additional opportunity to hear the announcement of a road sign. The invention has no analogues. In comparison to competing systems of video of-supervision, the signal system, navigation, fixing of infringements, etc., Used for maintenance of the safe authorized movement on highways, can become The unified system providing all complex of services in this sphere


wheeld cart to move reels of electrical wiring on sites


Conventional telephone dialer is modified to use in combination with dial-cards. Dial-card stores a particular telephone number which can be dialed when needed by inserting into a slot provided with said modified telphone instrument.

wireless advertising solution

A wireless advertising concept with a mobile phone design and new ways to deliver ads wirelessly to cellular clients without bothering them.

Remote Mobile Phone Call/ Message Alert

Call/message alerts received on a mobile phone handset are forwarded on to a remote unit. Remot unit is capable of producing ringtones and vibrations.Remote unit may be in the form of a wrist watch or a pandent.

language translator CET.

sunglasses that act like subtitles in a movie.


Hand cranked mechanical device which charges mobile phones when connected to the phones and cranked... A couple of cranks should be able to charge phone for nearly 20-30minutes.

USB Modem with Mobile Sim

USB Stick that Support Mobile Sim Card for Internet Browsing. Where Ever the Mobile network works.

No more cell phone chargers

Infinitely Charged is the only product of its kind uniquely designed with a direct plug-in within the cell phone itself and eliminates the need for a separate cell phone charger.

System included in the mobile phone to allow persons to set the schedule of their day

It is a system which provides you the opportunity to write your schedule or duty under each time of the alarm clock of the mobile, and it will play the role of an alarm that will remind you of your work when the determined time comes on.

voice identification of caller

pre-recorded audio identification of a caller which is transmitted as ringtone when a wireless headphone connected to a cellphone. This enables the called party to identify the caller without needing to see the screen of the cellphone.

Remote Internet System Control (RISC)

The RISC is a programmable Remote Control Devicethat will remotely control and power on all of your Hardware associated with your internet system.


The proprietary technology eliminates the metallic contacts and covers the smart card with the defensive plastic, and, therefore, protects completely the direct physical attacks on the card and the terminal. The technology provides the contactless powering of the smart card adequate to equip the card with microprocessor, cryptocontroller and memory similar to the contact smart card ones and consequently to employ any advanced security algorithms and protocols requiring the microprocessor and cryptocontroller.

virtual, interactiv & permanent worldfair

virtual worldfair with showroom inside the companys, exposing products and service worlddwide 24 hours/365 days for less than 10 $/day


The proprietary technology eliminates the metallic contacts and covers the smart card with the defensive plastic, and, therefore, protects completely the direct physical attacks on the card and the terminal. The proprietary technology employs the broadband frequency hopping method for the contactless smart card communication instead of present modulation methods.


A buckle accessory device, that's more then just your buckle? Your buckle can now be any formally handheld device that's on the market today. They now can be "Housed" as interchangeable devices with your choice of belts. I would like to market it to start as "CELL PHONE BUCKLE" !

I have sold my invention, the (Samson) Electron Battery Accelerator due to the listing on IdeaConnection. Thanks, was a great place for exposure to the public!
– Ken F.

Thanks IdeaConnection!
My Egg Cracker invention is now under licence in the United States, thanks to my listing on your inventions page.
– John O.